Disaster Recovery Service For Commercial Buildings From CB Recovery Group

If your commercial building is hit with a disaster, you need the quick response of CB Recovery Group.  CBRG is the ideal company to get your building back up and running, as soon as possible. With one call, we MITIGATE and cleanup the problem, we NEGOTIATE the insurance claims in your best interest, and finally, we RESTORE the building back to normal.


MITIGATION For Disaster Recovery Services for Commercial Buildings

We MITIGATE and cleanup you building, quickly and thoroughly, by first securing the affected area so it is not a hazard to workers in the building.   Whether it is water, flood damage, mold damage, fire and smoke damage, or wind damage, CBRG expert cleanup crews apply the proper techniques to deodorize, dehumidify, and decontaminate the affected areas. When needed, we carefully pack up and remove contents off site so they can be recovered.


NEGOTIATION For Commercial Building Disaster Recovery Insurance Claims

Our NEGOTIATION experts will then work with you to prepare proper insurance claims.   We act as your on-site expert so the submitted claim will always be in your best interests. Once again, they will work quickly and thoroughly, using Xactimate software that is used by 22 of the 25 top insurance companies.


RESTORATION For Commercial Buildings That Require Disaster Recovery Services

As soon as possible, our RESTORATION team will be on the scene to restore affected areas.   Our crews are very experienced in reconstruction and build outs of multi-unit buildings like yours. Disasters affect you and businesses in your building immediately. CBRG is a fast, thorough, and professional service that is the calm in the middle of the storm to get your building back to normal.

24/7 Emergency Service

CB Recovery Group, Inc. is very sensitive to the fact that property disasters are terrible disruptions. Water and flood damage. Fire and smoke damage.   Mold damage.   Wind damage. They all make you feel almost helpless and we know you and others in your building want to get back to normal as soon as possible.

That is why CB Recovery Group is available to quickly respond on a 24/7 basis by calling 1-844 359 6417.   We immediately swing into action by assigning the Mitigation Clean Up crew closest to you to get to your site as quickly as possible. They will expertly clean up the damage, no matter whether it is water, fire and smoke, mold, wind, or a combination of any of these disasters.

Within 200 miles, we will get to your site within 1-6 hours.   For other areas we serve, we respond within 12 hours. See map for areas we cover within 6 hours and 12 hours.

In addition to quick response for the Mitigation and clean up, your one call to CB Recovery Group, Inc. sets the stage to get the rest of your recovery under way as well. We have the expertise to negotiate your insurance claim in your best interest. Then, once the clean- up is complete, our restoration teams, experienced in multi-unit construction, will return affected areas back to previous condition.

Our 24/7 emergency response is just one more way that CB Recovery Group, Inc. is your calm in the middle of the storm. From that first call to our 24/7 hot line, to the day the affected areas are again back to normal, we provide a continuity of comprehensive, professional recovery.


We are a company that serves states across the country.  See the lists on the right for approximate response time to your city.  Don’t see your city listed?  Call us for further information.

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1 – 6 Hour Response

within 200 mile radius:

AZ – Phoenix MI – Troy
CA – El Centro MN – Minneapolis
CA – Long Beach MO – Branson
CA – Los Angeles MO – St. Louis
CA – San Diego NC – Charlotte
CA – San Francisco NC – Fayetteville
CA – San Jose NC – Greensboro
CA – Santa Cruz NC – Raleigh
CA – Irvine NM – Albuquerque
CA – Ontario NY – Long Island
CA – Oxnard NY – Brooklyn
CA – Riverside NY – Westchester
CA – Sacramento OH – Cincinnati
CO – Denver OH – Cleveland
FL – Boca Raton OH – Columbus
FL – Fort Meyers OR – Portland
FL – Jacksonville SC – Columbia
FL – Marathon SC – Greenville
FL – Miami TN – Knoxville
FL – Orlando TN – Nashville
FL – Tampa TX – Dallas
FL – West Palm Beach TX – Fort Worth
GA – Atlanta TX – Houston
GA – Douglas TX – San Antonio
GA – Gwinnett UT – Salt Lake City
IL – Chicago VA – Norfolk
IL – Joliet WA – Seattle
IN – Indianapolis Washington D.C.
KS – Goddard WI – Madison
KY – Entire State WI – Milwaukee
MD – Baltimore

12 Hour Response

Arizona – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
California – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Connecticut – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Georgia – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Illinois – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Indiana – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Maryland – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Michigan – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Minnesota – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
Ohio – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
South Caroline – Remainder of state not covered by 1-6 hours
West Virginia